Athens Bar Hopper

Athens Bar Hopper is an app designed for people looking for a fun night out in Athens, Georgia. The app features special events at restaurants and bars across town, reviews, built-in map and friend finder function, and a gossip page that serves as a chat room for people based on the bar or restaurant they are located in.

For this project, I designed all elements and created the prototype using Photoshop and Marvel App. For the logo and color scheme, I wanted to focus on creating a vibrant, yet classy feel for the users. The main colors are red, black and white...which are UGA colors, so I wanted to maintain that team spirit that is so evident in the city of Athens.

Each page in the prototype is designed to be very simplistic and mostly relies on using imagery to guide users to find what they are searching for. The images are linked with external websites for those who may want further information about events.

Overall, the app is to serve users who are both familiar with Athens and those who are just visiting for a limited time. It's purpose is to make planning nights out simple, but also allow for easy changes to be made to plans through utulizing the events and friend finder features on the app.