Interactive Narrative with Twine

Cat's Eyes is a interactive narrative created using Twine. For this project, I was responsible for all of the technical aspects, including coding and designing the game.

My classmate and I came into this project wanting to make Cat’s Eyes a short, personal vignette about a failing relationship told from an outsider’s perspective, which in our case was a cat. Our design challenges were twofold. On one hand, we had a narrative that we were passionate about telling that we didn’t want to muddy with multiple branching storylines. On the other, we wanted to harness the capabilities of our interactive medium in a way that enhanced our story world without erasing a sense of player agency.

To that end, we struck a balance by having two major endings with multiple small branches for players to explore as they play. These smaller branches contain either details about the world and the narrative or lead to smaller decisions that affect future dialogues. Our aim was to create a world that felt alive and responded to your actions, but still allowed for us to direct the narrative in a satisfying direction. 

Please click on the link below to explore the narrative.