UGA Sleep Study

Utilizing current and emerging technology to study and improve student-athlete sleep patterns at the University of Georgia.

Background Information

For this research study, I worked alongside five other team members in my New Media Capstone class over the course of a semester to conduct research and develop a multimedia campaign for our client, the University of Georgia Athletic Association. Our team worked with Dr. Ronald Courson, Senior Associate Athletic Director of Sports Medicine within the UGA Athletic Association, to help find a solution to the lack of sleep student-athletes get and how it impacts their daily performance and lives overall. By utilizing emerging technologies, we tested and gathered both qualitative and quantitative data on various Internet of Things (IoT) sleep tracking devices to determine which would be most beneficial to student-athletes. In addition to the research aspect of this project, we developed a multimedia campaign that compromised of various content, including but not limited to digital graphics, infographics, videos and more.

Personal Contributions

While my team and I were heavily involved in each aspect of the project, there were certain tasks that I either completed on my own or with assistance of another team member. My roles included designing visual material, such as the logo and digital media graphics using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, designing and analyzing a survey for the multimedia campaign, creating questionnaires for focus groups and assisting in conducting focus groups with other team members, testing and gathering data on sleep tracking technology, and working with other team members to design and develop the website for our project. Please see below for examples of my personal contributions to this study.

Logo and Visual Design

In addition to designing the logo, I conceptualized the visual design aspects of the project along with another team member.

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Website Development

Website was designed and developed using HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery.

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Research and Survey Design

We conducted extensive user research and external research to develop our multimedia campaign, conduct focus groups, design surveys, and determine which sleep tracking technology would best fit the needs of the student-athletes.

Research Design Focus Group Tech Research

Digital Graphics

Graphics were designed after conducting research and surveys on what material would be most useful to student-athletes. Designs were created using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Instagram Graphics Study One-Pager