XRWorks is a workforce development company that delivers custom extended reality software solutions for training for blue collar workforce. We aim to make training affordable and accessible to all. Essentially we serve as the mediator between industries and governments to train the next generation of workers.

In this startup company, I serve as the creative director where I am responsible for reaching out to potential partners and creating mutually beneficial partnerships to help further our goal of training eager workers. In addition, I am responsible for driving the brand of the company and working on the front-end design of the product for each company we partner with. I work to create individualized products that designed with not only the workers in mind, but also the hiring managers and other people at the company who will be involved in hiring trained individuals. Ultimately, we aim to create products and training tools that are first and foremost accessible to all.

Some of my personal contributions thus far have included designing various logos and branding items, including the company website, market research infographics, company one pagers and more. Below are some of the designs I have created.